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Robert P. Clarke - Current Exhibitions and Art Work

Robert P. Clarke - Previous Exhibitions and Art Work

Robert P. Clarke's recent work has been included in open exhibitions at Doncaster art gallery and The Cafe Gallery, London from 2008 to 2018, at The National Open Art Competition 2015, and at The National Open Art Competition 2016

Robert P. Clarke - 2014 Exhibitions

Robert P. Clarke is currently exhibition in London, Hebden Bridge and Doncaster.  During 2014 Clarke has exhibted in Ripon Catedral, Todmorden and in Addignham near Ilkley (during the Tour De France Weekend). The artist has also taken part in Art Fairs at Manchester School of Art's Holden Gallery and The Hepwoth Gallery in Wakefield.  His work has also been published in international art books in 2014 including books published by International Contempory Artists, Bare Hill Publishing and Hidden Treasures.

Admiring the Monument Image ©Robert P. Clarke 2014

Life Cycling Arts Community Projects Special Limited Edition Book now available

Life Cycling Book Front Cover Image ©Robert P. Clarke 2014

View Life Cycling Exhibitions August and October 2014 and Join 2015 Life Cycling Events

Life Cycling Drawing Event and Connected Exhibitions in July, August and October 2014.  Click here or on the image below to find out about exhibitions in August and October 2014...

Get Fit and draw with Art Collaborations in 2015...  Keep visiting to find out more...  Further details will be availaible in Early 2015 below...

Two Cyclissts Image ©Robert P. Clarke 2012

Below: Robert P. Clarke's 2015 Calendar is still available - Click Here...

2015 Life Cycling Calendar - Online Version - Robert P. Clarke

2015 Calendar Front Cover Image ©Robert P. Clarke 2014

Previous Online Festivals

Creative Festivals in August, September and October... 

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Take part in Artgust Online Arts Festival in August Take part in Poetember Online Poetry Festival in September

Take part in Musictober Online Music Festival in October


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 Ebook due to be launched in late January 2013...
Above Images ©Robert P. Clarke 2011

To register your interest in the 'Life' books exhibited at book fairs please contact to offer journalism jobs, scriptwriting jobs/commissions, book funding deals, other publication deals and book rights offers, etc.

Please keep visiting for the date of book launches in 2014 and 2015.

2015 Calendar Still Available

Life Cycling Calendar 2015

2015 Calendar Front Cover Image ©Robert P. Clarke 2014

Online Exhibitions

Below - 'Two Cyclists' in the The National Open Art Competition online exhibition

The National Open Art Competition Image ©Robert P Clarke 2012

Films and Photographic Projects

View selected film projects, short films and online photographic projects by clicking on the picture links below...

From Here to London Series

Visit 'From Here to London' Online Exhibition created on 20/05/2011 

Originally part of the Hepworth Opening Weekend Artwalk May 2011)


 ©Robert P. Clarke 2011
 ©Robert P. Clarke 2011

Click Here to visit 'From Here to London' Online Photographic Exhibition

'From Here to London' Online Exhibition

©Robert P. Clarke 2010

Documentary Films

Watch the documentary about artist Daniel Lehan

 ©Robert P. Clarke 2010

Click here to watch the Daniel Lehan Documentary


Short Films

 ©Robert P. Clarke 2010

Click here to watch the film 'Coffee'

 The producer would like to thank Wetherspoons and Costa Coffee for allowing them to shoot on location for the production of the short film 'Coffee'.

Coffee was written, directed and produced by Robert P. Clarke.


 ©Robert P. Clarke 2009

 Click Here to watch the film 'Twisted Love'

 Twisted Love is based on a short play by James Hart and was directed and produced by Robert P. Clarke.

To take part in further film projects currently ongoing in 2012 ...

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One of the main aims of the site is to promote and sell Art Collaborations Group Work.  This will be made up of a small core group of permanent artists and a larger group of supporting artists who wish to take part in specific or one off projects run by us.





Previous Exhibitions Highlighted 

Above image ©Robert P. Clarke 2009 (Including images presented on wall displayed ©Robert P. Clarke 1998) taken at 'Session 17' solo exhibition at the Art House, Wakefield, 2009

In the next few months sound projects will be add to the site along with additional pages so please keep visiting.


Above image ©Robert P. Clarke 2007 (Including images presented on wall displayed)

Robert Clarke has previously exhibited at the Cafe Gallery, Southwark, London.  Recent exhibitions include group exhibitions at Leeds Art Gallery, The Cube Gallery - Manchester, The Artsmill - Hebden Bridge and Keighley Arts Factory.  Recent solo exhibitions include Session 17 at The Art House, Wakefield.

Robert P. Clarke has been making short films, audio visual art work, art photography and graphic drawings for the past 20 years.  In the last few years he has been busy making several short films including Coffee, Day Off and Twisted Love.  Information will be posted on site showing venues and dates where these will be exhibited and previewed.

Above image ©Robert P. Clarke 2009 (Film Still from ''Day Off' 2009)

If you are interested in joining the Art Collaborations Group as a core member or for a one off project please e-mail

Projects include films, photographic projects, experimental creative projects, writing and sound projects.

Keep visiting to find out about further collaborative projects.

Above image ©Robert P. Clarke 2009 (Including images presented on wall displayed ©Robert P. Clarke 1995) taken at 'Session 17' solo exhibition at the Art House, Wakefield 




Image ©Robert P. Clarke 2012 All images in the above picture by individual artists © 2012
Images displayed in the exhibition have been distorted for copyright purposes



Reflections on 16/08/2017

The Sea ©Robert P. Clarke 2011 Written 2007 / Published 2011 / 2012

I am stood here looking out at the sea contemplating
Will this be the last time that I hear , see and smell you?
No.  It is not.  The sea is part of my senses
I can feel the sea and everything about it, even when I am not here

I am not here anymore
I can feel the waves crashing over me
I can smell the salt and the North Sea air
It consumes me

Read at Joan's Funeral on 16/08/2017

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 Thoughts of Harry Thinking of You

Memories of Harry - Charitable Music and Sound Project for Dementia and Diabetes Charities

Get involved in 'Memories of Harry' Music and Sound Project - Proceeds of profits will go to Dementia and Diabetes Charities.

Initially, we'll work over the spring and summer 2016 with a view of releasing some soundtracks (hopefully between
7 - 10 tracks) in the Autumn / Winter 2016 online and maybe on CD.

The project will need a wide range of people including individual musicians, singers, bands, sound technicians, producers, labels, sound artists, poets, artists, film makers.

Email if you are interested in getting involved.  Please include your name, what you do / your skills and details of a website address where examples of your music, art, films, etc. can be heard / seen in the body of the email.  Please don't attach any files to the email.